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ETR - Resistive Output Interface


  • Small size, easy installation. 

  • Universal inputs: 5 V,10 V and 4-20 mA. 

  • Local Analog Override with indication. 

  • Output Status Indicators (LEDs). 

  • Large Power Dissipation (4 W @135 R). 

  • Backup Controller Option (with remote activation). 

  • Low cost. 


The ETR is used to interface any resistance controlled device with a generic control system. The applications may include:

  • Electric Actuator Control

  • Chiller Stage Control

  • Resistive Sensor Simulation

  • any installation that requires an isolated potentiometric variable resistance.

Product Description:

The ETR accepts a generic Analog Output signal (voltage or current) and provides variable resistance output as a simulated potentiometer. The board performs 64 step approximation with about 1.5% output resolution. For high output accuracy the ETR's resistive array utilizes a number of 1% precision metal film resistors. Their unique configuration allows for over 4 Watts power dissipation.

The ETR is equipped with a Local Override feature that allows for manual output control. Output status is indicated by 6 LEDs in an easy to follow binary code. The input current loop, the Local Override mode and the processor status are also indicated by LEDs. As an option, the board may be equipped with a 'fail-safe' relay that will transfer the output to a backup controller when the power is lost or a processor malfunction is detected. Remote activation of this feature is also possible by a 10 VDC signal.

The board mounts in a 3.25" wide snap-track (provided) and is equipped with high quality angular connectors for fast and easy wiring. 


Power:  24 VAC (or DC),100 mA  
Input:  0-10 VDC , 0-5 VDC, 4-20 mA via dedicated connectors, automatically detected. 
Output:  Potentiometric Resistance; 64 Steps Standard 0-135 Ohm @ 4 Watts continuos. Contact ETI for other values.  
Indication:  LEDs for Output Status (in binary), Processor Status, Local Override, Input Current Loop.
Dimensions: L= 4.62" (116 mm), W= 3.25" (82 mm);  
Mounts in TR-3 snap-track (provided) 

Ordering Information:

ETR135 - 135 Ohm, 4 Watts (standard); any other value available as custom order.

ETRxxx - xxx designates desired resistance. (Contact Elkor for details).



Wiring Diagram

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